Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Pictures at Bangkok V1

Some random pictures i took....

The outside look of day time at SOI 11 (SOI = road/street/JALAN)

The night view!

Got this sign at the BTS Sky train

So many porku balls!!!! only 30 baht

Tell me about it. DOSA KING!!!! kekeek but its a vegetarian restaurant

Bangkok TRIP!

Yoh! After so long only update my quiet blog and no body visit. But someone visit 1 time asked me update blog 1 i have to do it...else really left HISTORY.

Let me 1st intro the GUEST HOUSE I have heard a lot from a lot of forumers saying how good and how convenience it is. Since i am on tight budget going to bangkok hence i booked this SUK11 Guest house. To my suprise it really GOOD in terms of the staff, the WOODIE (it was overall made of wood) place and also the cleaniness of the room. It might look a little messy from the lobby but once u get into the room, it really answer all your queries! Maybe picture says it all. Presenting SUK 11. Btw, i booked the ensuite double room which cost me onli 900 baht per night!

The entrance to the 2nd floor rooms(i stayed at 2nd floor)

ooopss!!! someone caught me online while waiting for my lovely babe at 11am at BTS NANA!!!!!

a closer look at the entrance

the so call reading area i dunno what it is call....alot of books to read but the light a little deem.

this is a small way towards the stairs tht lead u to the lobby area

the comfortable bed!!! and also the colour tht i love :)

the mirror and hanging area

toilet entrance

the inner toilet look! The toilet is very super clean...u wont get to see any damage door or blackie thingy in the toilet bowl! for toilet i can say 9.9999 over 10 the 0.00001 is actually the toilet space is quite small.

Overall i can say that SUK11 is a nice place to stay and especially for those on budget trip. A little reminder, do bring along your own padlock for double security! I am not sure why but it was stated in the rules and regulations. I brought mine along and i use it. So far i think the secuirity in SUK11 was good. the Guard who is on duty check on us before letting us into the guest house.

Overall i give a 7/10. The room lack of TV, fridge and the footsteps can be hear when someone passed by your room. There is a common room where u can buy some good DVD outside and watch it there. Oh yeah they have standard and same breakfast every morning. BREAD and fruits and tea/coffee. Oh yeah if you happen to bring in outside food, u are require to eat at the lobby area as it doesnt allow food to be in the room. But 5 nights for 4500 baht is a STEAL as BTS NANA onli less than 3 mins walk!!!! Mana mau cari?!!! So to all my babes that are going to bangkok, SUK 11 is recommened. :)

A white guinea pig

Saturday, February 7, 2009

CNY Celebration V2

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After we are back from my aunt's relative daughter house, of cos we went to anothter visiting but Cooper and Rubie were left at my aunt's house cos went to some malay place to eat Nasi Dagang & Nasi Lemak.

Then, the next morning, everyone was damn excited. CHERATING here we come.

....The whole trip was about this ---- CHerating!!!! I was the organizer of this trip since this is the 1st time ever celebration CNY with my kids and with me having such a long holiday. Booked this RUBY'S RESORTS. It was recommended due to you can bring in dogs. Now even our kids can enjoy the beach. Damn cool right? I booked 2 family room which equip with pantry. Each chalet accomodat 4 person. But due to we have 5 FEMALES and 3 MALES. We asked Ruby if she can supply another matress for us? She was so kind and said "Nah take lar...i ask my boy to bring over to u. NO worries. Angpow for u" Anyway we are in ACACIA Chalet. Presenting our chalet, the outside look.

The living room cum singles bed

the room with double bed and extra matress

Guess what? My neighbour also brought their kids!! Shihtzu!

Rubie's 1st time in Ruby Resorts

The guys in anothet room TEMBUSU. They even brought along the PS 2 to kill boredom

Cooper posing infront of the TEMBUSU chalet

Cooper: Mummy, where is this place ar?

Rubie: Eh what is this? Where is our house? Am i LOst?

Another cooper pose infront of the door of TEMBUSU chalet

Inside the chalet!

Cooper: U fai fai let me eat lar!

Rubie 1st time stepping on the beach

Cooper: Miii! I am scared!!!
Rubie: eh u know what place is this anot? I dem scared the water very big
Cooper: U also scared ar? I scared like hell lar...u know lar i very "sai dam" one

Cooper: enough of the BIG water, i want to get sun tanned. Mummy said i am fading.

Rubie: EH mummy also say i am fading leh. Meaning i need to sit here and restore my colour ar?

Rubie: Why my nose like tht one?

RUbie: This picture not nice lar! Blow my fur until cover my pretty face!

U see Rubie's ear!

Rubie: The wind so geng blow me also senget already
Oh yeah after our beach playing session. We human went back to chalets and prepared dinner - STEAMBOAT!!!! We brought along our own"balls" to do this. Ruby told us not to cook inside instead she provided the tables and chairs right outside our chalets. Dem nice of her!!!
Look at the pictures below
While the human is eating, the kids is relaxing on the chair. kekeke they even sleep awhile!
yeah....the happiest part...EATING!

oh yeah this picture below is a malay boy who is so talkative and open minded and love my dogs!!! End up he requested to snap a pic of him and the dogs..he got a nice smile huh?!!! his parents are DOCTORS and were cool about DOGS.
I manage to get some neighbours dogs. This is WHISKEY if i am not mistaken

This one shy shy one...dont let me take pic..dunno what is her name :P
Not to forget...these i dunno what breed (anyone who know it please tell me) speaks japanese! dem cool and cute! They love cooper...but unfortunately cooper onli love amos.

Cooper and rubie: eh what is this? why can swing de?

Cooper: oh shit we are in deep BOAT!
Rubie: shut up lar, let sniff around to see if got treasure anot!
hheeheheeheh...dont laugh!!! we went and played the trampoline ! I got few stupid shots before i got my best shot!

MY BEST SHOT!!!! jump dem high and as if i am reaching for the sky!

Some of the random pics in the chalet!!

Rubie: dont pray pray, i can CHOR DI also!

The next morning, we decided to go visitng no picture captured. So we jump to the last day!

Rubie: mummy i dunwan to wait for the big water...scared!!!

Rubie: GAO MENG Ar!!!!!!

SOme cencored photos!

me and rubie!

Good bye Cherating! i will definately be back again with more dogs!!!