Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our dogs go gai gai!!!

The story goes like this......i decided to pick Cooper's shirt from Puggy a.k.a Seller in LYN from Pandan Perdana, Cheras. Then decided to call Sinv along and asked her to bring her kids along for yau che hor....and so i decided to snap some pictures in the dark. Here it goes!!!

Amos: Huh? U need my signature?

The kids!

Sinv too happy d u see her face!
Cooper: I want to sit on the thigh!!!

Rubie: hehehheheeh

Rubie: Mummy i am here!!!

Cooper: So bright?!
Rubie:Mummy, i want to come infront!

Amos: Hi! its me again!

Sinv: Gao Meng ar!!!!!!

Amos: I want to be driver leh!

Cooper: So happy got leng lui's thigh for me!

Rubie: Cooper, lei zak sei ngor lar!!!!

Rubie: heh heh heh

Amos: Let me do the touch n Go!!!

Cooper: I feel good, dadadadada....

Cooper: I feel so song!

Rubie: Tired

Amos: Uncle u know how to drive anot? U see infront got car lar! Drive so fast!

Amos: How many times must i tell u!!!!!!

another good reason due-to-battery-kong, i need to shut off! so i cant capture more of them!!!! Sienzzzzzzzz

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poodle Gathering @ BU Park a.k.a Central Park

Due to forget-to-bring-camera, i can only to write out what happen, photos need to wait my babe to post out that i can link my post to hers. Photos UP BU PARK GATHERING & THIS ONE ALSO

I woke up at 8am this morning and straight to shower. Came out i shout to my kids "lets go gai gai" hohoho dem excited. Rubie go and find my black tote while Cooper look for his carrier. The usual me, i need to brush their teeth else i scared once they open mouth, someone will faint! Then get them dressed. Since it is still early, i comb them a bit to look abit nicer (baru bangun tidur ma). I let Cooper to walk with leash while i carry Rubie. But he struggle to go into his carrier. I need to pull him to make him walk into the lift.

Reach BU, no one around, look for parking (2 rounds of searching no luck) called Babe...come out the 2nd round, she reached fast!!!! Then both of us were thinking maybe only both of us attending only..kakakakakThen man man slowly come Brandy and Owner, Chris and kids and Baby and the rest. Last to reach YENLU!!!!!kakakaka

We were there till 12 sth or 1 i and talk and talk...We also look like a bunch of chinese with dogs cos we were surrounded by alot of indians and malays. kakakaka. The me, sinv and yenlu got second round at sinv's house. We tarpow Mc D and eat. Amos bite my Filet o Fish. According to babe, i will listen to Amos in future.kakakakak

After some hu ha hu ha at sinv's house, we went back at 3sth. Reach home straight away i bath Rubie and followed by Cooper. Damn tired!!!!! I think tonight i will sleep early!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Addicted to E.U

Since last week been sticking my eyes to the TV with this MOVIE (dvd, house no astro) kekeke

English Title:
E.U. (The Academy III)

Chinese Title:
學警狙擊 (學警雄心 III)


Michael Miu
Ron Ng
Sammul Chan
Joey Yung
Michael Tse
and more...


After ten years behind the bars in Taiwan, Kong Sai-Hao (Michael Miu) finally returns to Hong Kong. Besides hoping to find his daughter Yau-Yau (Elanne Kong) to mend their relationship, he also plans for revenge. On one hand, he pretends to surrender to triad boss To Yik-Tin (Lam Lee), the man who caused him to be jailed. On the other hand, he tries to gain trust from police officers Cheung Lap-Man (Ron Ng) and Lee Pak-Kiu (Sammul Chan). Pak-Kiu refuses to have a criminal as his friend, but Lap-Man becomes an undercover police in Sai-Hao's gang. Along with Sai-Hao, they overrule Yik-Tin and take over the mafia, and the two develop a misconcepted mentor-student relationship. Unfortunately, Lap-Man gets fired from the police force before he can finish his mission in the mafia. He becomes Sai-Hao's people and turns his back against the police force....

Yik-Tin keeps a close watch on Sai-Hao but purposely shows that he trusts Laughing (Michael Tse) more and intentionally puts him in a high position, but Sai-Hao uses Yik-Tin's wife Ching Yeuk-Sam (Kathy Chow) in the organization as an influence to help Sai-Hao up the ranks. But when he thought that he was in control, his drug dealing business failed and Sai-Hao discovers that the people he trusted the most betrayed, tricked and used him....


Wonder what is EU?


(EU) - provides a quick response to emergency situations, including 999 calls, as well as a speedy and additional presence of uniformed police on the ground to combat crime. An EU comprises a headquarters element and four platoons which operate on a three-shift basis.

The Emergency Units, now stationed in every Region, fulfill many roles. As the name suggests, they can be called out to bolster local stations in times of crisis. Although the Force was always prepared to cope with trouble in the streets, the present sophisticated system grew directly out of two bloody days in 1956. The Double Tenth riots, sparked off by a political confrontation, left 59 dead. It taught senior police and government officials a lesson that has never been forgotten; be prepared.


Includes Training, Administration and the Special Duties Unit. Among other things, it reviews regularly tactics used in crowd management and riot control.

The Regional PTU Company provides a ready reserve to deal with threats to internal security situations and natural disasters. On a daily, non-emergency basis, the PTU is deployed on front-line street patrols to supplement District resources to tackle identified crime black spots.

At any given time the Force is served by seven Police Tactical Unit (PTU) Companies: one in each land Region and two receiving training at PTU Headquarters in Fanling. PTU Companies were regularly deployed to assist with crowd management and public security duties, particularly at public gatherings or festive occasions. The year saw their deployment at various major incidents which included the disturbance at the Pillar Point Refugee Centre, the crash of a China Airlines airplane at the Hong Kong International Airport and events in celebration of the arrival of the new millennium.


The School is regarded as one of the premier police establishments in the world; an institute that has been widely examined and emulated by forces elsewhere.

The key resource of the Force is its people. With a large Force comprising some 28,000 regular officers, 4,500 auxiliary officers and 6,000 civilian officers, the Personnel Wing keeps pace with the latest techniques in human resources management to ensure cohesion in all aspects.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



1) ATTEND CLASS (but what i wish was sleep more)
2) FINISH UP MY ASSIGNMENT (but still lagging here)
3) BRING MY KIDS FOR GROOMING (wait their fur longer 1st)
4) SLEEP MORE (eh, weekend leh how to sleep more?!!!)

hhmmmmm can achieve anot?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Friday Night!

Look what have i done during friday night at Sanctuary!

Me and Ruby

Me and Valerie

Me and my Babes
Zucent, Me and CBL


What is so unpredictable? I think there is a lot of things that happen in life is really unpredictable. It happened to me and all of us out there.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Connie Talbot

I was going thru youtube when this little cute girl attract me. I clicked and it make it watch her videos and songs from 8pm until now! Approx already 3 and half hours kakakakaka....

She was in Britains Got Talent 2007 singing Somewhere over the rainbow. She was 6 years old back then. She even got her own album as well called Over the Rainbow. Take a look below

I am still enjoying all her songs. There is one song which made me feel so "GAM DONG"(touched)

her mum cried everytime Connie sings. She is so sweet and adorable isnt she? awwwhhhhh

Monday, March 9, 2009

Me and my Gal

Took few photo with my "lui bao". Here it goes

She like forced to take pic

Cooper was groomed into Poodle Standard Cut a week before i went Bangkok and his fur is growing very fast ler!!!!

See tak mau smile leh

U see her eyes also look into the camera leh!

Anyway i decided to include Cooper into the pic

Her eye balls move to the right hahaha

U see her raisin eyes! So cute

Desert for Lunch!

Today i ate desert for lunch! kakakaka actually it was a planned lunch with my secondary chi muis but we ended up with desert's cafe call Snowflakes at SS 15. Not bad...a big bowl cost less than RM 5 and can be shared by two person. It was also a gathering for all of us to meet up for my belated birthday :) Lets take in the photos

The cake that Zhao Ing bought!

Me with the cake

Me and CG

My chi muis (yes including Ken) But exclude that fella beside Ken

Me and Annie (she is getting marry!!!)

Me and Janice

Me and Zhao Ing, our personal Doctor half way baru remember to take the picture :) Recommended by the shop. Dont what ice with Jelly(like cincau) with TaroBall (like tong yuen)

The cashier and indoor

The alfresco area

the tong sui not bad i can say...Order the cold one when the weather is hot. But a little hot as the aircond is not tht cold (maybe they want to save electric bill lar)