Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maid Service!

Dem bloody TU LAN with Raymond Maid Service.

This is his number 012 62605885 and 012 6170780

DOnt ever use his service!

This is wat happen to me. My schedule is every sat morning for 4 hours. Last sat he ask for cancel so i did asked if next week still working. He said YES! so i said ok lar next week lar. End up just now he pretend nothing happen! dem it! he said happy chinese new year and already sau gong! Dem tulan to the max. I called him and scold him! He said he will arrange something for me. End up i have to call him back to confirm what is the arrangment! So irresponsible! End up search high and low, got a number from Jess and call.

She intro me a indon maid and deal direct to her. Coming on Sunday Morning. GREAT! else i have to clean it myself! The thing is not i dun wan to clean it myself but no one helps me! EXCUSE right? Yalar i am plain lazy. keekekeke

SO i will not use Raymond maids anymore!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mr Lim!

U see dem funny! like dunno what onli


Close enough ka?

I Followed Sinv Post - My kids CNY clothings!

U see dem alot of nice clothes for them...i think this year i did not buy tht much for myself..

Grooming Photos (as suggested by Sinv)

As promised, here are the photos.

I think the two who wanted to see sudah its open to public...kekeekek

Thursday, January 22, 2009


SO LOooOoong did not update my blog anyway, Cooper and Rubie was groomed yesterday by Jason. Photos? hehehehe update later. Stay tune. Cooper nothing change but Rubie.....stay tune lor...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Shopping KEELS me!!!

Yoh Peeps!

Yesterday went out the whole day for shopping...dem tiring!! 11 sth reach cheras fetch my brother, headed straight to mid valley. Shop till 530 like that..went back to cheras for dinner and continue jorney to SG wang at 6.30pm. Argghhh i cant get any shoe i wanted! I thought of getting gladiator heels but not practical right?

arghh...but it is really nice ler!!! how?!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally! They are UP

Good news to me!! My kids finally can come up to my bed. Especially Cooper! He is fully using his left leg although a bit of limping.

Check out the below video!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Surprise Surprise Surprise!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what I recevied when i came back from office?! Hmmm got a parcel on my bed! check the name its to me, check the address, correct also wor. I try to flip to the back.....

U see its really to me leh! U see all the particulars! I wonder what so big! i didin order anything from the net...

Once i open, i saw baju! Looks good to me.....i was dem nervous to see more! another clothe inside leh..and its pink..and a small little box! wonder what it is!!!

Finaly, sort it strawberry and one dont-know-what dog clothing!!!! with a coach small box ler!

Eh! its a doggy key chain from COACH!!! Dem cool leh wei!!!!

Up close of the key chain!!! Nice or not?!!!!!!

Oh yeah the clothings comes with this cute hanger!!!

Too bad, the pink dress was tooooooooooooooo big for Rubie and i dont think she will able to wears it forever! I need to sell it out or present it out! So i got my personal Model to model it for your eyes to see it....

Cooper: Mummy always as me to stay and dress me like CLOWN!

Cooper: U see what mummy put one me?!!! Pink ribbon dress with STRAWBERRY?!!! I didint know she even bought tht in CAMERON?!!
Rubie: Mummy, why cooper got new clothes, i dont have geh?
Mummy: Cooper, U stay ar, take picture 1st.
Cooper: Whatever lar. So UGLY, even got lace at the sleeve! Rubieeeeee! I give you!

Oh yeah there is another one which is a sligthly bigger that fits into cooper too but abit bigger lar and longgar too..

Cooper: This mummy! Humpf!!! Another pose pulak.

Cooper: U see mummy too excited already!Treat me like masuk jail! Back front side also take!

Tentively all the gift above was sent over by my friend in Penang when she had her HONEYMOON in US. I should have ask her to buy me a COACH PURSE! Sienzzzz!!!!! But thanks to her! Didin know 3 of us have gifts and all also DOGS! Although both of the clothing too big for the both of my kids, she even told me they look big from the pic..kakakak Cooper fits the pink one prefectly but the black and white one toooo big until cover his tail and KUKUBIRD. But anyone interested with the BAJU'S above...let me know...letting go at super nice PRICE!!! kekeke

新年来罗 (Xin Nien Lai Loh!)

So obvious what i wanted to blog about right?!

Have u guys done with your shopping?! or even prepare a shopping list? I bought nothing but there is something which is confirmed of what i am going to do during CNY. 1st of all, i've book RUBY RESORT. YEAH!!!! Yes another 1st trip of my kids to the beach beside the Cameron trip lar. Going for 3 days 2 nights. Well I think i need to prepare a check list of what to bring especially of my kid's stuff. I am not sure if they love the sea water or the sandy beach. But well, will update once i am back from tht place.

Then the 2nd thing i am going to do during CNY is my uni start on 31st!!! argghh in the middle of my holidays. BTW, i have a week of CNY holidays. Office is closing half day on 23/01/09 Friday!!!!! till 2/02/09 Monday!!! YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That is why 1st plan is needed else, i will be rotting sitting at home!

Then for these few weeks before CNY, i need to go and do my shopping!!! I need even sponsor my siblings for the clothings and bring them out! I also need to prepare some house hold items and also the deco for my house. I know lar no one coming but at least the FEEL is there!

Actually i wanted to write something else yesterday, but due to CG lappy having problem, i got frusfrated and went to sleep early. Sorry Yenlu!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Before and After Cameron Trip

I know ok, i know...i know its abit too late to blog about Cameron trip when everyone talks about it (errr yenlu and sinv lar)but well have to blog also lar...memory what!

Actually what happen during our cameron trip 19th dec - 21th dec that week.......

Rubie was vomiting food since monday night which i thought nothing will happen cause dog do vomit if they consume wrong thing but it did not stop until the day i admitted her to hospital. Initially the 2 day she was ok, then the 3rd day i brought her to Hands and Paws for consultation. Dr Mervin who was checking on Rubie suspected she licked something chemical and caused her tummy upset. As from her external tip of her tongue turned to reddish (as if it burn). So he prescript all the necessary medication. And so we went home.

The next day, which was thrusday, she vomited again. Which means she did not consume any food for few days. There is no poo as she only drinks a lot. The evening after i came back from work, i open my front door usually Rubie will bark but then i didin hear anything. I quickly rushed to my room. I saw her walking towards me but not stable. She was so shacky and after few steps she collapse. I was so panic, i went to the kitchen to steam the chicken for her. I thought the I/D that the vet gave wasnt tht nice to eat. But, she refused to eat anything!

I quickly rushed her to Gasing Animal Hospital. It's already 9pm and it is an emergency call. Came Dr Adah and wait for all the necessary things she need to do. Took her blood but her pressure was too low. Instead from her front leg, Dr Adah took from the neck. Then took to test for the glucose level. To her surprise it was sooooo HIGH than normal rate. From what she got as a results, she explained me all the consequences that could happen. I were calm but then as she explained more i started to tear. I heard DIABETES, PANCREAS DISABILITY and KIDNEY FAILURE. All these words make me stoned for few minutes. Well, as per normal request, Rubie had to be board for tonight as she will be given drips to bring back her energy.

boarded at the hospital. She lost 100grm in a day.

Came back with lots of thoughts and hopes. Cried and stop and cried. Called Sinv to tell her i have to cancel the trip. I was sooo "SOU HENG" . She said even she were to continue the trip, she cant go alone and she said must well cancel it(So sweet right?). Yenlu called me after that.The next day approached, i called the hospital as early as 10am. But the doctor just came in, will call me back shortly. Waited till around Noon, received a call from Dr Tan. She told me Rubie is a bit weak but at least she can sit and stand properly. I were relieved when i heard that. CG went and visit her and told me she is better than yesterday night. That evening after work i pay a visit to her as doctor told me she is getting better and better. She was way healthy than the night i admitted her. So i decided to proceed with Cameron Trip with a happy feeling since i cant do much here. All i need to do is wait. So i thought let's continue and bring Cooper up. Well at least i didin let the rest felt disappointed.

Went home to pack everything. CG pre-packed earlier. Forgot to mention it was HIS BIRZTHDAY that day. But well, we have no mood to celebrate. Cooper was the most excited one compared to both of us. While packing here and there, Cooper also busy. Guess what he is doing when i said "Cooper, gai gai loh" Scroll DOWN!

Cooper: mummy, faster lar. I am ready!

I was laughing my lungs out. He went to his carrier and sat there and waited for us. So around 9.30pm we rushed to Sinv house and had dinner. Around 10pm we started our journey. All the dogs were so excited. Oh yeah our cameron trip consist of 5 dogs and 6 humans. Will be staying at Royal Lily Apartment.

Reached cameron around 1am. Settle our dogs and we even gave CG a birthday cake surprise. Well i am not sure whether he predicted we going to throw a mini celebration for him anot. But well at least i have done my best. We went to sleep around 3am and woke up around 1pm? I lost count actually. We headed straight to lunch. Guess what, we dine in with our kids. Dem happy!

Then we went strawberry park to enjoy the strawberries. And dogs as usual, have their meeting.

Pasar malam.

Then Sinv suggested we run down from the hill and she will be capturing the moments. And so we did...she did a good camera babe.kekeke

see the effect? Dem cun!

Of cos then we wanted to visit another place. But due to jam on every the road. We decided to stop what we saw. The cactus farm. Took pictures here and there and talked to some strangers. Got approached cos we were carrying dogs else no one bother who are u! Went back to our apartment was lazy and cold. All went and take their nap from 4pm to 7pm! siow! Then we went makan steamboat at dont-know-where restaurant. Then we have an extra ordinary pasar malam session. We walked with our umbrella. It was rainning so HEAVY that we so SEMANGAT pasar malam-nisme, insisted to visit the pasar malam. Bought our strawberry slipper. So cute right?!!

Came home they have few rounds of mah jong session. As for dummy to mahjong like me, i sit/stand at the corner to look and see. I also able to watch some horror documentary on astro channel while eating my pringles. kekekeke. Went to sleep around 1am or 2am i think.

The next morning, woke up around 9am, did some breakfast which we prepared last night. After makan, checked out. On the way back as usual, JAM again and AMOS attracted so many ppl! Then on the way back, Cooper vomited as the road was a bit bumpy and luckily this time i lay the cloths on my thigh.(he vomited as well when we drive up the hill)We went to visit Rubie first. She was doing well but only allowed to bring her back tomorrow. So we drive home while thinking where to eat. Sinv suggested this for us and our kids. Went home and slept early! Enjoy trip but a tiring one!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The "Pesta Sex"

Something struck your mind? Remember the star newspaper? New year eve? YES.

Their were saying some private news reader? Want to know who?

Well i got to know who when i read this Malaysia Cartoon And Malaysian News.

Farahrizan Abdul Razak a.k.a Astro Awani newscaster

Darn it, pesta sex lar...nama all busuk already. See how she is going to tell us about what in the world is happening!!! Actually i have a friend who told me there is such thing in KL and asked me whether i would like to tag along. My friend even tell me if i am someone who BEH TAHAN all this action and will influence by the act of "those thing" and get "high" better dont follow.

Hmm...i wonder, i really wonder how it happen and i would like to witness it one day*

*Please don't catch me for saying this, i mean no harm. I come in peace. It just a plan.

The new garnier brightening eye roll on

Went to pharmacy today and got this. Its new in town! Well, i have this dark circle around my eyes and also a heavy eye bag got worst after Xmas. I slept soooo EARLY and it stayed on until today! Since its cheap, so maybe can give it a try. RM 24.90 cheap ? Will try and see and update the effectiveness.
Yeap! got my girl to model it for me. She thought it some kind of lolly pop that is edible.

U see, she dont even let me take it away...Naughty!

New toys but now NEW

Got confused with the above title? hahaha so do i.

Actually bought this toys when i bought Boey's Small White Teddy. Still not out to my kids because still want to keep till well ONE FINE DAY. I found it kinda cute squeeze toys so itchy hand and bought it back. Before i proceed let me intro one by one,

Our first guest, Purple Hippo. She is FAT, Purple in colour and errr kinda cute too...u know like the MADAGASCAR 's movie that Hippo?

Hippo: See what see, never see fei po before ar?!!

Then, our second guest is Mr. Duckie!(Not DAKI) He is yellow in colour and always quack here and there. He reminds me of DIGI ducks, hehehehe.

Mr. Ducky: Quack quack quack quack quack!!!! (As if you understand!!)

Follow by our Master Lion. He roars but still look tame to me.

Master Lion: ROARRRRRR! (Sei Mei!kekee)

I like this one, green froggy! He is cute.
Froggy: Smile everyone!

This incoming one is CRAB...he looks abit stupid to me, but what to do it comes in a package i cant take him out and change to another creature.

U see, got what i am trying to say?

The last but not least, Pink tiger (WTH?!!! PINK??!!)Yeah, its pink. Which make her a tigeress...

Tigeress: OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo

Ok lets have all of them together, family picture leh...



So pick one of ur favorite...kekeke...

My kids and will always be mine

Let me intro

Cooper my boy who broke his arm when he was 7 months and this lead him to limp. But well, he is doing alright and i think i wont neglect him no matter what.

Dem Yao Ying!

Bought this during my 1st bangkok trip. he was onli 4 months

Teh Bao~~~

Oh yeah, before i proceed those having heart attack or those who cant accept excitement please do not proceed...the picture below will poison u and u will somehow will get SHOCK of ur life!!! She is tooooo HOT...i repeat tooooooooooo HOT to resist.


Rubie my pretty babe and pretty noisy and also pretty active and pretty manja..and pretty to alot of things...
Picture speaks louder than words....

I like this pic round!

Promise will post their pics more :) Since everyone have their own blog..i also can have my own one...but a bit mixture here and there lar...kekeke