Sunday, January 4, 2009

New toys but now NEW

Got confused with the above title? hahaha so do i.

Actually bought this toys when i bought Boey's Small White Teddy. Still not out to my kids because still want to keep till well ONE FINE DAY. I found it kinda cute squeeze toys so itchy hand and bought it back. Before i proceed let me intro one by one,

Our first guest, Purple Hippo. She is FAT, Purple in colour and errr kinda cute too...u know like the MADAGASCAR 's movie that Hippo?

Hippo: See what see, never see fei po before ar?!!

Then, our second guest is Mr. Duckie!(Not DAKI) He is yellow in colour and always quack here and there. He reminds me of DIGI ducks, hehehehe.

Mr. Ducky: Quack quack quack quack quack!!!! (As if you understand!!)

Follow by our Master Lion. He roars but still look tame to me.

Master Lion: ROARRRRRR! (Sei Mei!kekee)

I like this one, green froggy! He is cute.
Froggy: Smile everyone!

This incoming one is CRAB...he looks abit stupid to me, but what to do it comes in a package i cant take him out and change to another creature.

U see, got what i am trying to say?

The last but not least, Pink tiger (WTH?!!! PINK??!!)Yeah, its pink. Which make her a tigeress...

Tigeress: OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo

Ok lets have all of them together, family picture leh...



So pick one of ur favorite...kekeke...


yenlu said...

pick dy den u gimme ka? LOL

I want.... eeeeeeeepoopoootammmuuusss

Sinv said...

yenlu always want ppl's thing de. wat also ask ppl give -.-!

I hope the toys stay together like now :P be happy family mah.

eLsie Liew said... is staying together like now...still new ma..kakakaka

yenlu said...

oh course... I too poor.. what also need ppl give ^_^

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