Monday, April 27, 2009

Neglected Blog!

Neglected my blog since last 2 weeks i guess...anyway...suddenly this song came across my mind. I cant remember when was the 1st time i heard this song from a radio...4years old? 5 years old? but i like this song :)

the blue shirt issit fei yu qing?

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today u are happily running around, the next day u landed in the hospital. I truly hope she will recover soon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

List of Items to Purchase!!!

Previously, Sinv and myself were talking about "aiyah, so long say want to buy this but until today still didin go and buy" so i decided to list down the items i would like to buy hohohoho

1) Change my current spec! Why? My so-KWAI dogs tend to like my spec than their toys!
2) New Watch! no why just need one kakakaka - BOUGHT
3) New Heels for work! my current black heel the skin peeling off already!!!
4) New Handphone! It off and ON whenever it felt like it without my knowledge and sometimes i am unable to receive incoming calls!
5) Contact lens...running out of supply already.
6) LAPTOP? my current Desktop do not have MICROSOFT OFFICE!!! INSTALLED!
7) NEW HOUSE? kakakakakaka
9) A PURSE that can fit all my stuff!!! - DONE
10) A good blusher! what brand? - DONE

i think thats for now....shall add in later!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

After Groom Pics!

I took my kids to Pets Icon for their full groom! i think they are quite hungry, i decided to feed them first before proceed on my shooting....kekeke

Finally DONE!

i'll start with Rubie 1st. Nothing seems to be hu ha about :)

My Cooper!!! He suddenly lost so much weight!

This pic looks scary to me!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seiko Criteria with Price!

I am eye-ing these 3 models from Seiko...any opinion?

RM 800

RM 660
got stock RM 590

My new sofa in the living room!

My new sofa arrived today, decided to change a new one because the old one started to worn out and cant really sit straight anymore. So i bought the RM 199 sofa when Sinv got her bed tht night!

the smaller version was from the previous sofa...the actual shape of the old sofa should be like tht as well.

this is the old one...u try and compare the actual shape and the NOW shape!

but...the driver who came today refuse to bring the old cushion down...he wants RM 40!!!!! i am staying at 13th floor...i wonder how to throw this thing away!!!!

Tian!!!! We got the same TUPPERWARE too!!!

hohohoho, beside what we have stated down the similar thing we have previously, i think we got the same TUPPERWARE too


Oh Nooooo!!!! Rubie suddenly got a trunk like an elephant? Why? because she love to play with this THING! it stuck so....i took the camera and snap her lar!

Rubie: Mummy i know i am wrong, can u pull this thing out from my mouth?

Rubie: Mummy, paiseh already dont take!

Cooper so Cute!

This video was capture when Cooper was little....and he is so funny!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Plants!

In conjunction with Ching Meng festival, i have something to blog about. Previously or i shall say every year when i visited my grand parents their graveyard is like soooo messy and when u needed someone to clean the place or cut the grass it costed us RM 50. End up we clean it ourselves ever since. But this year particular, we bought some small plants to make the whole enviroment more lively. But the results only can know by next u some pics

Not the one in the vase! the one just planted!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Remember i posted once on the clothing for my kids that my friend got from US trip? I am now giving away. Cos both Cooper and Rubie is too small for it. Oh yeah the hoody baju will hand over to Amos and left the strawberry one....kekekek anyone?

New Pillow!

After got to know from babe about her sleeping on the Jean Perry Gingko Pillow, i cant resist to buy myself another pillow. Kakakaka...we two complaint about the pillow from ikea was too soft (we love HARD, kekekek)hence, i went to Jusco at Pyramid today to check it out. Due to OUT OF STOCK of Gingko from Jean Perry, i went and get the Akemi Gingko Pillow. To my surpise when i tested it, it is REAL HARD!!! A great Steal!From RM 79.90 they got 50% off ler....tada my new pillow

Oh yeah i also went to Watson , saw this Plum and Cranberry dual flavour pack..and bought it back...previously i only drink the plum.

Cooper and Rubie

I just bathed them this morning. Let me share some funny photos and also some real cute photos here..kekekek

Let me start with Cooper
Semi wet

After BLOW!

Cooper: Nice mou jek?


Now Rubie's turn
Wet Wet

After Blow....rubie every time after blow by me looks ugly!

I like this CUTE!

Thailand Instant Noodle

Last week my colleague Melody went to Bangkok during the weekend for shopping and she got me some instant noodle from Bangkok and also a pork sausage. Too bad i have got it all inside my stomach. I only can show the instant noodle picture that i search thru the internet


its a green tea tom yum instant noodle. Super YUMMY!!!!! the noodle is in green colour!!! i think if i happen to see in any supermarket...i am sure to get it!!!!

I found another one tht Melody bought for me as well..this one is glass noodle!!! Very nice also!!! hot tom yum...yum yum!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Puppies for Adoption

(i got this note from facebook that belongs to Terry Saw)

These pups were found loitering in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Seemingly without a mother to fend for them, these pups would not survive another week if independent pet rescuer Teresa hadn't saved them. These bundles of joy are now housed in a local vet while saviour Teresa and myself spend countless afternoons there cleaning up their shit. And there's a lot of shit to clean up!

Most are female, though I think there's a thorn among the roses. They are de-wormed and vaccinated. These healthy pups are playful and active and would provide good fun in a loving family.

For more details, contact Teresa @ 017 330 7244 or Terry @ 012 328 6730.

* Sinv, i think this was the dogs we saw loitering around at Bandar Puteri also. U see the colours? We saw the adults dog ler!